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Alabama Code Title 35. Property has rules and regulations that govern both the landlord and the tenant during a tenancy. The specified obligations highlight the responsibilities of both parties as well as rules about the rent and evictions. Both parties are expected to have a grasp of the obligations to ensure a smooth tenancy.

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Free Alabama Rental Application Form | PDF | WORD | Download

The Alabama rental application form is written following Alabama state laws governing the landlord and the tenant. It is an avenue used by the Alabama landlords to check on the background information among other things related to their potential tenant. It has obligations and limitations including charging a maximum of one month’s rent as deposit according to section (35-9A-201). How to fill Alabama Rental Application Form The first section includes: Contact Number Interested in Leasing Email Address Date of application Personal Identification Information Name of […]

Free Alabama Month To Month Rental Lease Agreement | PDF | WORD | Download

The Alabama month to month Rental Lease agreement is a document that binds the landlord and the tenant legally. It is written according to the Alabama state laws that govern the landlord and the tenant and sets up the tenancy at will according to Section 35-9A-441(b). With this kind of tenancy, there is no end date and either of the party can cancel or alter the agreement with a 30-day notice. Steps to fill the Alabama Month to Month lease agreement On the top, the respective […]

Free Alabama Sublease Agreement Form | PDF | WORD | Download

The Alabama Sublease Agreement is a legal document binding the sub-lessor (original tenant) and a new tenant called the sublessee following the principles stipulated in the master lease agreement. It is written following Title 35 Chapter 9A stating the obligations of all involved parties during the entire tenancy period. Steps To Fill Alabama Sublease Agreement Form The first requirement is the name of the sub-lessor, the subtenant, and the premises details. The Term The beginning and end dates of the lease term.The rent payment schedule […]

Overview of the Alabama Landlord and Tenants Law

Security deposit and return policy

There are no set statutes for non-refundable fees, security deposit interests and a separate security deposit bank account. According (Ala. Code § 35-9A-201(a)), the security deposit should not exceed one month’s rent. It also allows for additional fees for the pet deposits and other additional fees.

As per Ala. Code § 35-9A-301, a landlord can use the deposit for repairs and unpaid rent.  The landlord is also supposed to return the deposit within 35 days after the tenant vacates the premises.

Required disclosures

The landlord should indicate the name and address of the premises as well as the owner and anybody else authorized to access the premises in writing according to (Ala. Code § 35-9A-202).

The duties of the landlord and the tenant are indicated under (Ala. Code § 35-9A-204) and (Ala. Code § 35-9A-301) respectively. The landlord is also entitled to disclose any known lead paint hazards and give the tenants information pamphlets on lead-based paint hazards attached to the lease.

Late fees and other rules

According to (Ala. Code § 35-9A-161(c)), the rent is paid as agreed by both parties. There are no statutes for payment methods, increased rent notice, late fees, application fees, and prepaid rent.

In the case where the landlord fails to provide essential services, the tenant is allowed to withhold the rent. As per (Ala. Code § 35-9A-40, a rental agreement can be terminated if the landlord does not put in work 14 days after a tenant has sent a written notice of the breach. The security deposit should be refunded and the tenant can also recover the damages fee as well the attorney fees.

Termination and eviction rules

For the fixed lease, a termination notice is not necessary. The Month-to-Month lease requires 30 days written notice according to (Ala. Code § 35-9A-441(b)) for termination from both parties. The Week-to-week lease requires 7 days written notice according to (Ala. Code § 35-9A-441(a)).

Notice of Termination for Nonpayment: 7 days written notice to either pay any past due rent and associated late fees, or the rental agreement is terminated.  Section (Ala. Code § 35-9A-421(b)) gives a 7-day termination notice for non-payment while (Ala. Code § 35-9A-421(a)) gives seven days termination notice to remedy a lease violation.

The landlord and the tenant should ensure they are at per with the given rules and regulations governing them to be on the safe side of the law as well as a smooth tenancy period.