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The Alabama Sublease Agreement is a legal document binding the sub-lessor (original tenant) and a new tenant called the sublessee following the principles stipulated in the master lease agreement.

It is written following Title 35 Chapter 9A stating the obligations of all involved parties during the entire tenancy period.

Steps To Fill Alabama Sublease Agreement Form

The first requirement is the name of the sub-lessor, the subtenant, and the premises details.

The Term

  • The beginning and end dates of the lease term.The rent payment schedule and the address.The termination date of the lease.

The other section includes detailed information on the following:

  • Utilities
  • Property condition
  • Security Deposit to be paid
  • Inventory Form
  • Master Lease
  • Other Terms and Conditions that might be added
  • Sole Agreement
  • Governing Law
  • Construction
  • Parental or Guardian Guarantee
  • Acknowledgment of copy received
  • Landlord approval


  • The date of the agreement
  • Printed names and signatures of both the sub lessors and the sublessee
  • The consent of the landlord with a provision of their names and signatures.
  • The original lease attached and inventory form attached should be checked appropriately.

It is written following Alabama state laws and protects all the involved parties.

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