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The Alabama rental application form is written following Alabama state laws governing the landlord and the tenant.

It is an avenue used by the Alabama landlords to check on the background information among other things related to their potential tenant. It has obligations and limitations including charging a maximum of one month’s rent as deposit according to section (35-9A-201).

How to fill Alabama Rental Application Form

The first section includes:

  • Contact Number
  • Interested in Leasing
  • Email Address
  • Date of application

Personal Identification Information

  • Name of the tenant
  • Other names they have used
  • Driver’s license, state, and expiration
  • Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Marital status
  • Name of the spouse
  • Names of the children
  • Tenant’s number two names.
  • Social security number and date of birth

Previous Addresses

All previous address for the past seven years should be listed as follows:

  • Present and previous address and Zip code
  • Duration stayed
  • Reason for leaving
  • Landlord’s name and phone number

Employment Information

  • Place of employment
  • Address, state, city, Zip
  • Name of the supervisor
  • Phone
  • Job title
  • Working hours
  • Monthly pay
  • The period at the current job
  • Other sources of income

Similar information should be filled for tenant number two.

Terms of Residency/Debtor Information

  • Residing duration
  • Bankruptcy information
  • Owning a property that has been foreclosed
  • Party to a lawsuit
  • Bank name
  • Phone number
  • Checking account name
  • Smoking situation
  • Any judgments against the tenant

Other items

  • Credit reference: name and phone number of a person who can vouch for you
  • Pets
  • Previous evictions
  • Motor vehicle information from the year, make and model, color, tag number, and state
  • List of credit cards
  • Emergency contact name and phone number

The form has a condition and information section that highlights various things in detail. The tenants then give the consent for a credit check by signing and stamping with the date.

Alabama rental lease application enables the landlord to check the background of a tenant before allowing them into their premise. It also enables the tenants to secure houses in a non-biased way.

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