Types of Rental Lease Agreements

Depending on the type of the leasing property and the duration of the lease you may have to use different types of lease agreements, below are the most commonly used lease agreements which you may use according to your requirements.

  • Fixed Term – This is one of the commonly used rental arrangement where the duration of the lease is fixed, after which the lease has to be renewed or the tenant has to vacate the premises. One/Two years terms are typical.
  • Month to Month – This type of lease agreement renews month to month as the tenant pays the rent on a monthly basis.The lease usually ends if either of the party give a one months.
  • Commercial Lease – When leasing commercial properties or properties which will be used for commercial purpose such as a warehouse, factory, office space etc you need to use a commercial lease agreement. The commercial lease are of two common types as mentioned below.
    • Gross – This is a all-inclusive type of rent, where the tenant pays a fix amount to the landlord and then the landlord pays all the other expenses like maintenance, insurance, taxes etc.
    • Net – This type of lease is where the tenant pays most of the expenses associated to the property along with a Fixed Monthly rent to the landlord.
  • Land Lease – This type of lease is used when the landlord wants to lease a piece of land to someone, this type of lease are usually for longer terms.
  • Sublease – When subletting a leased property a tenant has to use a sublease agreement using which he can sub-lease the leased property only if the landlord has given the permission to do so.