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A landlord of a residential property requires Florida Month-To-Month Rental Agreement while leasing the property under month-to-month or lease contract. This document offers a selection of either type of a tenancy. The month-to-month type tenancy is renewable and revocable upon notice served by either of the parties. The lease agreement on the other hand has a longer duration of the tenancy and it has a date of natural termination of the agreement. This rental agreement complies with Florida Law. Both signing parties must prepare this legal instrument together after a careful review of 36 sections of the documents containing the terms and conditions of the tenancy. In addition, acknowledgement of the signatures or identity of the signing parties by a notary public of Florida State is not necessary unless any of the parties requires it. Please remember that the landlord and the tenant must sign all pages of the agreement.

How to Fill Florida Month-To-Month Rental Agreement Accurately

  • Begin by entering the date of execution of the lease agreement. Then enter the name and address of the landlord on respective lines. Continue by entering the name of the tenant.
  • Enter the name of the Florida State county and provide the detailed address of the residential property on the next line.
  • Section 1: Enter date of lease commencement and sign before the option month-to-month or lease to decide the type of tenancy. Enter the date of termination if you sign before option B, Lease.
  • Section 2: Enter the amount of monthly rent in the words and figures. Then select the mode of remittance by selecting the appropriate option. Continue by specifying the name and address of the landlord to send the rent payment.
  • Section 3: Enter security deposit amount in the words and figure. Then enter the name of the bank where the security deposit is held.
  • Section 4: Provide information about the proposed occupants on the premises.
  • Section 16: Enter amount of rent in the words and figure in case tenant’s holdover.
  • Section 18: Enter number of pet/s in words and figure. Then enter the amount of non-refundable pet deposit in words and figure.
  • Section 22: Enter amount of late charge in words and figure.
  • Section 35: Enter the names and addresses of landlord and tenant/s for sending notices if any.
  • Section 36: Provide information about provisions or disclosures. The landlord can use this space for disclosing flood hazards or known lead-based paint hazards.
  • The landlord must sign after entering a print name. Please use a separate line for the signature of the landlord if more than one landlord signs this agreement.
  • The tenant must sign after entering a print name. Please use a separate line for the signature of the tenant if more than one tenant signs this agreement.
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