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A resident or students, affiliates, staff, or faculty of Henderson State University can enter into Whispering Oaks Lease Contract for acquiring dwelling during the tenure in the university. However, the resident must enter into this rental agreement in accordance with the terms and conditions of the tenancy as well as Whispering Oaks Community Policies, Whispering Oaks Community Lease Addendum, Lease Guaranty Agreement and Pet Lease Addendum. The resident and the guarantor must submit a copy of valid photo identification and SSN while signing and entering into the lease contract. In addition, the resident may need to pay additional non-refundable Pet Deposit in case the permission is granted to keep a pet in the property and premises. Please review and complete this 19-page rental agreement in its entirety to understand the terms, conditions and the responsibility of the resident during the tenancy. The resident has a choice of selecting the unit style and a payment plan as per his/her personal needs of accommodation.

Steps to Prepare Whispering Oaks Lease Contract Accurately

  • Begin by entering information about the resident like name, permanent address, phone number, cell phone number, email address, SSN, date of birth, student or university ID number, gender, two emergency contact numbers, name of college or university, and role and year in the college for that academic year.
  • Continue by providing information about the roommate like name/number of roommates requested and curriculum.
  • Please provide information about the guarantor like first and last name as well as the address and phone number.
  • Next section Unit Style and Payment Plan requires selection of the dwelling type, tenure of the lease, and priority. Please sign before the selected option in the agreement.
  • You as applying resident must sign in section 41, Acknowledgement and Acceptance and enter the date.
  • Both the applying resident and the owner must sign, enter the print name, and date in the spaces allocated in Whispering Oaks Community Lease Addendum in acceptance of the terms and conditions of the tenancy.
  • Please continue providing the name of the resident, information about the pet like name, type, breed, color, weight, license number, name of city issuing license, date of recent rabies shot, and name of the pet owner. Provide information if Housebroken. Enter the emergency contact number and address of the doctor in case you are planning to keep a pet on the premises in Whispering Oaks Pet Lease Addendum. Each resident and the owner must sign this addendum in acceptance and enter the date.
  • Complete Lease Guaranty Agreement of the contract by entering the name of the resident and information about the guarantor like name, address, SSN, email address, phone number, and date of the birth. The guarantor must sign this agreement in acceptance of the terms and conditions.
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