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Washington Residential Lease Agreement is a legal contract between a lessor and lessee. This rental agreement is suitable during leasing a residential property in Washington State. Chapter 59.18 of the Revised Code of Washington State has the necessary information and directives for entering into a tenancy contract. Notary acknowledgment for signatures on this form is mandatory only when the duration of the tenancy crosses over a period of one year. Both, the landlord or lessor and the tenant must read this rental contract form in its entirety and understand the terms and conditions of tenancy prior to proceeding. In addition, the lessor and the tenant must prepare this form. You may add more or other terms that are not covered in this form with mutual consent in section 23 of the form.

Steps to Prepare Washington Residential Lease Agreement

  • Enter the date of execution of the lease contract.
  • Enter the names and addresses of the lessor and tenant. Please specify all names of the tenants if more than one co-tenant applies to tenancy. Continue by specifying the names of child occupants.
  • Enter detailed physical address of the property.
  • Enter starting date and date of termination.
  • Enter the amount of rent.
  • Enter names of utilities the lessor agrees to pay.
  • Specify permissions for keeping pets on premises and enter the amount of non-refundable pet charge on the respective lines.
  • Enter the amount of security deposit payable to the lessor.
  • Similarly, the tenant may choose to pay a security deposit in installments with the lessor’s permission. Provide information of such arrangement if any.
  • Enter name and address of the bank where the lessor intends to keep the security deposit.
  • Enter the amount and purpose for non-refundable fees if any.
  • Enter names of appliances and personal property of the lessor on the next line.
  • Describe other terms of the tenancy if any, in section 23 of the lease contract.
  • Both, the lessor and all co-tenants if more than 1 must sign this rental agreement form in acceptance to execute it. All parties must sign before a notary public of Washington State in case the lease period extends beyond one year.
  • Please obtain notary acknowledgment of signatures on this residential lease contract if the gap between the starting date and natural termination of the lease is more than one year.
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