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Washington Commercial Lease Agreement is a lease contract between a tenant and a landlord pursuant to Title 62A.2A RCW of the Uniform Commercial Code of Washington State law. Use this contract or agreement when you want to lease commercial premises in the State of Washington.

Enclosing Exhibit A – Premises Outline, Exhibit B – Legal Description, and Exhibit C – Schedule for Improvement by the Tenant is necessary for addition to notarization of the signatures of all parties on the form. This legal agreement has 37 broad sections comprising of the terms and conditions of the lease. Please review them carefully prior to proceeding as this instrument is legally binding on all parties signing it.

How to Write a Commercial Lease Agreement Template,Washington

  • Begin by entering the date and names of landlord and tenant.
  • Enter the address of the property / premises in section 1a.
  • Specify the date of lease commencement in section 1b.
  • Specify the date of lease termination in section 1c.
  • Select correct option to determine the base rent in section 1d.
  • Enter the amount of rent due and the number of months in section 1e.
  • Specify the amount of security deposit in section 1f.
  • Specify the use of the premises in section 1g.
  • Enter the addresses of landlord and tenant for sending notices in section 1h.
  • Enter the pro-rata share of a tenant in section 1i.
  • Specify particulars requested under section 3a, Commencement Date.
  • Enter due date for paying rent in section 4.
  • Select one option between Triple Net or Base Year in section 8b.
  • Enter hours of availability of utilities and services in section 9 when applicable.
  • Section 34 requests selection of Exhibits and Riders. All parties need to sign with initial after each selected rider. In addition, it is necessary to enclose Exhibit A, B, and C along with a copy of selected rider/s.
  • Section 35, Agency Disclosure requires signatures of the landlord, tenant, and their respective agents in conformity to the representation.
  • Section 36, Commission Agreement requires inputs about the mode and brokerage amount payable to the respective agents of the landlord and tenant. Please complete this section carefully as wrong entries could lead to misrepresentation of the terms.
  • Section 37, Broker Provisions has space for signatures of the landlord, tenant, and their respective agents. Enter name of the county of Washington State after signatures to complete section 37 of the Commercial Lease Contract.
  • Next two pages of the lease agreement have space for notarization. All parties and agents must sign before a notary public and obtain the acknowledgment of the signatures on the agreement form.
  • Enclose Exhibit A – Outline of the Premises, Exhibit B – Legal Description, and Exhibit C – Tenant Improvement Schedule along with riders if any to complete preparing this commercial lease template in its entirety.

Revised Code of Washington (RCW)

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