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Washington Month to Month Residential Lease Agreement is a contract between a landlord and tenant to establish the terms of tenancy of a residential property. This legal contract is pursuant to Washington Revised Code, Residential Landlord-Tenant Act 59.18. The rental agreement has 25 sections comprising of the terms of the tenancy and these terms are equally binding on both parties. In addition, enclosing certain addendums and documents is necessary as requested in section 25 of this rental contract. All parties must review the document carefully prior to proceeding. This legal contract serves as a receipt for the payment of security deposit made by the tenant to the landlord. In addition, the landlord and the tenant must sign each page of the contract.

How to Write a Month to Month Residential Lease in Washington

  • Commence by entering the date and names of the landlord and tenant followed by specifying the address of the rental property.
  • Select the terms of tenancy in section 1. Please select if this contract reverts in month-to-month tenancy or no otherwise after its natural expiration.
  • Specify different heads of rent payable in the requested format. Enter due date for paying rent and amount of late payment in case of default.
  • Enter amount of security deposit and account details where the deposit is held. Specify hourly rate for labor.
  • Enter amount of non-refundable charges and purpose of the same in section 4.
  • Describe particulars of prepayment of rent if any.
  • Enter amount of screening and / or application fee in section 6.
  • The tenant must sign in section 9 in conformity to proper functioning of smoke detectors.
  • Enter name of the occupants on the premises in section 10.
  • Select utilities in section 11. The tenant agrees to pay for all utilities selected in this part of the lease contract.
  • Specify permission to keep pets on the premises in section 13.
  • Provide information about permissions to tenant to use storage locker or parking in section 18.
  • Enter date of natural termination of a lease agreement in section 22. Continue by specifying permissions for guest accommodation on the premises. Enter the duration for maintaining adequate silence.
  • Complete summary of rent paid and due in section 24 carefully.
  • Section 25 requires selection of important documents and addendums handed over to the tenant. The tenant must sign with initial to acknowledge the receipt.
  • All involved parties like landlord, tenant, and agents if any, must sign the contract to enter into a lease agreement.
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