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A tenant in Texas State is allowed to sublease a residential property or a part thereof with due permission from the landlord using Texas Sublease Agreement. Texas Statute Chapters 91 and 92 permits such subleasing transaction. However, it is necessary to attach the original lease agreement between the landlord and the tenant along with a copy of the checklist. Tenancy terms and conditions explained in 18 sections of this contract are legally binding on all parties once the original landlord signs it in acceptance. This legal instrument grants the right to the tenant or sublessor to hold the security deposit paid by the subtenant. Please refer Texas Statute Chapter 91.005 for detailed information about subleasing regulations in the Texas State. It is necessary that the sublessor acquire duly filled Rental Application Form from the subtenant and verify credentials prior to entering into a sublease agreement.

Steps to Prepare Texas Sublease Agreement Between Sublessor and Subtenant

Please complete 18 sections of the two-page sublease agreement in its entirety. Both parties must prepare it together along with the landlord for its immediate execution and legal standing. Signatures of the landlord or landlord’s authorized representative, sublessor, subtenant, and parent or guardian in case of minor subtenant are mandatory on the form.

  • Section 1: Enter the legal name of the sublessor.
  • Section 2: Enter the legal name of the subtenant.
  • Section 3: Enter the physical address of the property.
  • Section 4: Enter the date of commencement of the lease. Then specify the rent amount and the due date of each month. Continue by specifying the name and address for remittance of monthly rent.
  • Section 5: Enter the date of termination of the sublease.
  • Section 8: Enter the amount of the security deposit payable by the subtenant to the sublessor. Then enter the refundable amount after deductions on the next line.
  • Section 9: Enter the maximum permissible days for sublessor to provide an inventory form to the subtenant in the words and figure.
  • Section 12: Please use space reserved in section 12 to specify other terms and conditions. You may use this space for declaring flood hazards or known lead-based paint hazards, if any.
  • Section 18: Please enter the date of execution of the sublease agreement in Texas State in the required format.
  • Please use the provision in the agreement for minor subtenant. A parent or guardian of a minor subtenant must sign this form in consent.
  • The sublessor and the subtenant must sign the form before the original landlord.
  • The landlord or the authorized representative of the landlord must sign the form in acceptance after entering the date.
  • Please explain whether the original lease agreement between the landlord and the tenant is attached to this sublease contract.
  • Please clarify whether an inventory checklist is attached to the sublease contract.
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