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A landlord of a commercial property in Ohio requires Ohio Commercial Lease Agreement to enter into a tenancy with an individual or organization for business, commercial, retail, or industrial purpose. Such lease agreements have longer term considering the stakes of the tenant and landlord. Therefore, it is necessary for the landlord to verify the credentials of the tenant or organization by obtaining duly filled Rental Application Form. In addition, the landlord may choose to review the company profile at the office of the Secretary of the State. This 10-page lease form has 26 sections comprising terms of tenancy. However, both parties can amend this form for additional tenancy terms with the due consultation of an attorney as each business has specific and/or unique needs. Both signing parties must sign before a notary public and obtain acknowledgment for the execution and legal standing of the instrument. Please do not use this form for leasing a residential property in Ohio.

A tenant must remember

  1. To use leased premises only for the intended purpose
  2. Is liable to pay the taxes and levies during the term of the lease
  3. Is responsible for the payment for all utility services
  4. To maintain insurance as specified in Section 8, Indemnity and Insurance
  5. Issue an Estoppel Certificate to the landlord on a 10-day advance notice

How to Prepare Ohio Commercial Lease Agreement

Please download the form and start by entering the date of the execution of the lease agreement in the necessary format. You may choose to print a blank form and fill in the requested information or use a template. Fill it online and print.

  • Enter the legal name of the landlord on the next line.
  • Enter the tenant’s legal name on the next line.
  • Section 1: Enter the date of commencement of the lease followed by the date of lease termination on the respective lines. These dates govern the lease term. Therefore, specify these dates carefully. Lease termination occurs at 11.59 pm on the last day of the lease.
  • Section 2: Enter the amount of annual rent in US dollar. Please specify the amount in the words and figure. Then enter the amount of monthly rent installment in words and figure. Please specify these amounts carefully after a mutual discussion between both parties.
  • Section 14: Enter the accrued rate of interest.
  • The landlord must sign before a notary public.
  • The tenant must sign before a notary public.
  • Please obtain notary acknowledgment in the first portion in case the landlord enters into a tenancy agreement with an individual or use the second portion in case the landlord enters into a tenancy with an organization or corporation. The notary public completes this area of the lease agreement after witnessing signatures.
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