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New York Sublease Agreement is an instrument necessary for subleasing a rented residential property or apartment in New York State. A tenant is eligible to sublease upon prior permission from the landlord. Such lease transactions are suitable for acquiring roommate and sharing the rent. However, the tenant is always responsible for the rent payment to the landlord in spite of any financial arrangement with the subtenant. This lease agreement has 14 sections requiring inputs from all involved parties, including the apartment owner or landlord. Tenant or subtenant can terminate this lease contract by giving a 30-day notice to the other party. However, review section 14, Cancellation prior to signing and entering into an agreement. Please remember

  1. Tenant has the right to accept rent and security deposit from the subtenant.
  2. Sublease is legally invalid without written consent of landlord within 10 days of execution of the sublease.
  3. The subtenant has no right to contact the landlord. He/she has to send requests/notices to the tenant and the tenant must forward them to the landlord.
  4. All terms and conditions of the original lease agreement are legally binding on this sublease agreement.
  5. The subtenant may need to pay additional charges for using utilities depending upon mutual consideration with the tenant and the terms of subleasing.

It is necessary for the tenant to procure a duly filled Rental Application Form along with application processing fees from the proposed subtenant for scrutiny of credentials and eligibility of the proposed tenant. In addition, the tenant is liable to return the security deposit and any other remittance from the subtenant in case the landlord or the apartment owner refuses permission to sublease the property or an apartment.

Steps to Write New York Sublease Agreement

  • Enter the date of execution of the sublease.
  • Enter the name of the tenant or over tenant.
  • Enter tenant’s address for sending notices if any.
  • Enter tenant’s email address.
  • Enter the name of the subtenant.
  • Enter subtenant’s address for sending notices if any.
  • Enter subtenant’s email address.
  • Enter the legal name of the landlord or the apartment owner.
  • Enter landlord’s address for sending notices.
  • Specify the lease term or tenure.
  • Enter lease commencement and termination date on the respective lines.
  • Enter commencement and termination dates of the sublease. It must not exceed the tenure of the original lease agreement between the landlord and tenant.
  • Enter the physical address of the residential property or apartment.
  • Specify the total amount of rent during the tenure in the US dollar.
  • Then enter the monthly rent amount in US dollar on the next line.
  • Specify the amount of additional charges and names of utilities on the respective lines.
  • Enter the amount of security deposit payable by the subtenant to the tenant.
  • Both tenant and subtenant must date and sign the sublease agreement after entering print names.
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