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Owner of a residential apartment in New York State requires New York Month to Month Rental Agreement while leasing the property in line with the requirements of New York Law. This contract form is suitable for entering into month-to-month tenancy. Both the landlord and the tenant must review 32 clauses of tenancy and sign the agreement on acceptance. Notarization of signatures is not necessary unless any of the signing parties requires it. Please use this agreement template while leasing a house, apartment, duplex, or condominium within the five boroughs of New York City like Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, or Staten Island. However, please do not use this rent agreement format for leasing properties subjected to laws pertaining to rent stabilization or rent control. Please remember that

  1. A thirty-day notice is necessary for premature termination of the lease agreement
  2. Such type of lease agreement is suitable for Tenancy at Will
  3. This agreement complies with applicable state and federal law although it is short-termed in nature
  4. Submission of Rental Application Form for validation of tenant’s credential is mandatory if the landlord insists
  5. Use of water-filled furniture, keeping pets, and subleasing is strictly prohibited

32 clauses of this contract are legally binding once both parties enter into an agreement with each other. Therefore, it is necessary that both parties prepare this lease contract together. Please seek legal advice in case you do not understand or agree with any of the terms or conditions mentioned in the form. Please remember that the landlord may demand application scrutiny fees from the tenant towards processing the Rental Application Form to cover the costs of verifying credentials and the tenant must pay the fees upfront in spite the landlord offers no guarantee of sanctioning the lease to the tenant upon remittance of the fees.

Direction for Landlord and Tenant to Prepare New York Month to Month Rental Agreement

  • Begin by entering landlord’s legal name and address for sending the notices.
  • Then enter the tenant’s name and physical address of the apartment. This address is valid for sending notices to the tenant.
  • Provide information about each proposed occupant in the apartment.
  • Then enter the date of commencement of the lease.
  • Continue by entering the amount of monthly rent and security deposit in US dollars on the respective lines.
  • Provide information about Rider if any along with number of pages. Both parties must sign all pages of the rider in acceptance.
  • Enter the name of utility for which the landlord accepts to pay or strike out if not applicable in clause 5.
  • Enter amount of late payment and return check fee on respective lines in clause 8.
  • The landlord must specify the permissions for using the parking in clause 12 and demand additional parking fee if any.
  • The landlord and the tenant must sign the form before each other for execution and entering into a lease agreement.
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