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New Mexico 30 Day Notice to Terminate Rental Agreement is an instrument used by a landlord to terminate a lease agreement and initiate legal eviction of a tenant on no-cause or good-cause grounds. However, it is necessary to serve this notice to terminate rental contract 30-days prior to the date of eviction. The landlord must retain two or more copies of this form for use in the court during filing a legal petition for eviction of the tenant. This legal document is in line with the sections 47-8-33, 47-8-37 of NMSA 1978 and Uniform Owner-Resident Relations Act. It is equally applicable to apartments and mobile home parks with 12 units or less. Please understand that mentioning the name of the person serving, mailing, or delivering this termination notice is mandatory by New Mexico law. A landlord engaged in week-to-week tenancy with the tenant can use the same form by changing 30 Day Notice to One-Week in the title of the form. In addition, the notice must clearly state the mode of serving the notice.

5 Steps to Prepare New Mexico 30 Day Notice to Terminate Rental Agreement

  • Step 1: Enter the legal name of all tenants on a separate line that are engaged in the tenancy with the landlord. Specify the detailed address of the tenant where the termination notice is served. Please provide apartment name and apartment number in case the dwelling is an apartment.
  • Step 2: Enter the detailed address of the leased property / premises. You must specify apartment name and number in case of a rented apartment. This portion of the termination notice requires an accurate description of the property in addition to the detailed address.
  • Step 3: Please specify the proposed date of eviction for the tenant in the required format. In addition, you must enter the date of preparing and serving the termination notice on the subsequent line. Please enter both dates carefully as you need them to establish the notice period in the court during filing eviction petition.
  • Step 4: Please sign this 30-days termination notice in capacity as the landlord, owner, or authorized agent or manager of the landlord. Your signature on this legal instrument is mandatory. Please specify your role below the signature.
  • Step 5: Section Service of Notice requires important information about the mode of serving the 30-days termination notice. Preparing this section in its entirety is very necessary. Select the mode of service of notice by marking one box from personal / hand delivery, posted on the premises, or mailed by certified return receipt mail. Please mention the time and date of serving the notice along with the name of the person that served this notice.

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