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The California rental lease agreement is a legal document that binds the landlord and the tenant in regards to a residential or commercial property. The agreement follows the rights and responsibilities of the tenant and the landlord as outlined in the Guide to Landlords’ and Tenants’ Rights and Responsibilities in California.

The California rental lease agreement entails that the landlord asks for two months’ rent as a security deposit for the unfurnished property and 3 months for the furnished. It is done according to section (1950.5) of California state laws.

Steps to fill California rental lease agreement

  • The first section should have the name of the owner indicated.
  • The names of the proposed residents and their respective ages.
  • The name and address of the premises and the unit number if applicable.

Owner and resident agreements

  • Rental commencement date, period and expiration date.
  • Rent amount and the date to be paid.
  • Security deposit and proposed amount.
  • The utilities are available to the tenant.
  • The number occupants specifying the number of adults and kids.
  • Late charges to be paid and return fees

The sections that follow outlines in details on:

  • Acceptance of premises
  • Possession of premises.
  • Pets, water-filled furniture/antennas and/or satellite dishes
  • Security
  • Quiet enjoyment
  • Joint and several liabilities
  • Care and maintenance
  • Right of entry
  • Vehicles and parking
  • Subleasing
  • Pest control
  • Liability / damage responsibility
  • Termination: cleaning / repairs.
  • Rules and regulation
  • Smoke detection device
  • Termination /holdover
  • Default
  • Arbitration of Disputes. Any dispute between the parties arising from or relating to a claim for personal injury, which is directly or indirectly related to, or arising from a condition of the leased premises or the common areas, or any event thereon, shall be resolved solely by arbitration conducted by the American arbitration association.
  • Attorneys’ fees/waiver of jury trial
  • Any other general provisions and rules that are expected to be followed by both parties.

Sealing the agreement

Signing the agreement indicates that both the landlord and the tenant are aware of what is included and needed according to the lease agreement. The name and signature of both parties are filled in the last section.

California rental application is a simple document that does not require the help of a lawyer to fill. Understanding the provisions provided by the California state laws as well as following what is outlined enables both parties to have a smooth lease period with no issues.

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