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The California rental application is a legal document used by landlords to collect information about their proposed tenants and use it to vet them. The process is made easier and advantageous to both the landlord and the tenant as the landlord can know their tenant’s information beforehand. The tenants are given a uniform and non-discrimination selection based on the provided information.

According to (Cal. Civ. Code §§1950.5, 1940.5(g)), A landlord cannot ask for more than two months’ rent as a deposit for an unfurnished property. For the furnished rentals, a landlord cannot ask for more than three months’ rent as a security deposit.

Steps to fill the California rental application


  • Name and birthdate of all the proposed occupants.

Proposed occupant (1) details

  • The name, social security number, phone number, and driver’s license No.
  • The current, previous and next previous address, street and zip and whether it is under owner or manager, phone number and the duration used.

Employment details

  • Name of the present employer, business address and business phone number.
  • Name and title of the supervisor
  • The employment duration
  • Salary in terms of weekly, monthly and annually.
  • Similar details should be filled in the prior employment section.
  • Name of the banks, addresses and check and savings account No indicated.

Financial obligations

  • The name of the person receiving payments, address and amount
  • The number of vehicles, model, make, year, license No. and state
  • Waterbeds availability
  • The reasons for moving out of your present residence.

Other information

  • The name of the father and mother of the occupant
  • Emergency contact name, address, phone number and relationship of the person to be contacted in case of an emergency.
  • Two personal references, address, phone numbers. Occupation and acquaintance length.

Similar details should be filled for the second proposed occupants if any.

The section that follows entails:

  • The range of rental rates you desire
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Desired county and city
  • Addresses of the state-owned properties of your interest
  • Type of property
  • Signatures of the proposed occupants

The last section contains information collection and access disclaimer as well as other conditions the tenants are expected to follow.

The landlord should ensure the California rental application is prepared and follows all the provisions requires by California state laws. The proposed tenants should offer clear and legit information to ease the whole process as well.

California Civil Code

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