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The Alaska Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act has set laws that highlight on landlord-tenant obligations for the State of Alaska. These laws call on both parties to behave accordingly and their breach can lead to serious legal issues. They are also set to protect the rights of both the landlord and the tenant as highlighted under Act AS 34.03.010 – 34.03.360.

The Alaska State laws protect both the landlord and the tenant. Having a clear understanding of the laid out obligations as per the codes and the laws is important as it helps sort out issues without involving lawyers and courts.

Alaska Tenancy Law Quick Links

Security Deposit Policy | Required Disclosure | Late Fees and other Rent rules | Termination and Eviction

Overview of the Alaska Landlord and Tenants Law

Security Deposit and Return Policy

Section §§34.03.070(a) states that the security deposit cannot be more than two month’s rent in places where the monthly rent is more than  $2,000.

The landlord is expected to return the deposits within 14 days according to §§34.03.290 and 30 days as indicated under §§ 34.03.070(g) if the tenant fails to provide a proper notice on time.

Required Disclosure

The disclosure identifies the duties of both the landlord and the tenant. Section AS 34.03.080 highlights the duties and responsibilities of the landlord which includes providing names, addresses and contact information of people accessing the premises among other things.

Section AS 34.03.120 highlights the responsibilities of the tenant and how they are supposed to maintain the premises during the entire tenancy.

Late Fees and Other Rent Rules

According to §§34.03.020(c), the rent is paid as agreed on the lease agreement. The landlord is expected to issue a 3-day notice when increasing the rent and indicates the amount to be increased.

The tenant is allowed to withhold rent if the landlord fails to provide the required essential services according to section §§34.03.180.

Termination and Eviction Rules

  • The fixed lease expires on its own.
  • Week to week lease gets 14 days’ notice according to section §§34.03.290(a).
  • Month to month lease gets 30 days’ notice according to Section §§34.03.290(b).
  • The landlord is mandated to give an eviction notice between 24 hours and less than ten days if the tenant fails to follow the laid out rules or has been involved in illegal activities within the premises.